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I want to start by saying Happy New Year to our La Voce readers. The newspaper began its sixth year back in October and we look forward to the future. We have some great ideas that we hope will keep our loyal readers happy, and our new audience interested. As you can see, our front cover is honoring the new United States Speaker of the House, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. Whether you consider yourself a liberal or a conservative, Republican, Democrat or other, we recognize that this Italian-American woman has achieved a position that breaks certain stereotypes and misconceptions about Italians in powerful positions. I want to wish Ms. Pelosi luck in her new office and I hope that she will use her position of influence properly.

In the article I wrote, we are featuring her background as an Italian-American woman. We will not delve into her political views nor her past decisions as a U.S. Representative from California.

In that same vein, we will be featuring other Italian-American women who are leaders in their communities. Locally, we have a number of great women who are leaders in the political, social and economic areas of life. Each month in 2007, we will be featuring these notable women.

The first of these two features will allow us to chronicle the various successes of Italian-American business people, and their rise to prominence.

The feature on specific regions of Italy will examine the areas that our readers come from. Last summer’s feature on Calabria drew considerable interest. In the newspaper, we advertised for people to share the region their family hails from and we received great response. Please continue to send in your letters so that we can contact you when we feature your region in the newspaper. Scopr Italia! Un Regione alla Volta should start running in La Voce this summer.

Lastly, we are sponsoring a writing contest for students registered in the state of Nevada school systems. Whether you are a student with the Clark County School District, a private school located in Nevada or registered in one the state run colleges, you are eligible to win. The essay needs an answer to: How your Italian heritage has influenced and shaped your life in Nevada?

The newspaper is growing in paid subscriptions weekly and the number of locations where you can go pick up the newspaper grows monthly. If you are interested in having the newspaper delivered to your home, please look for the subscription notice in this issue. Remember, it makes a great gift and is the best way to share ideas, features and the Italian-American lifestyle.